Shopify Balance

Shopify is the platform commerce is build on. When it was time for Shopify to launch their first money management product “Shopify Balance” they approached Dokument to support them by planning and art directing a set of launch visuals for their website and marketing channels. The product is directly targeted at entrepeneurs who benefit from avoiding the time consuming paper work, simplified tax filing and earn cashback on every transaction.


Art Direction
Product Concepts



The narrative of “Find your balance, find your time” expresses the reality every business owner knows: Time is a scarce resource. We expressed this concept of time through a photography series that portraits merchants at their places of business in a focused and confident way. We use different lighting techniques, shadows and props to show Shopify’s product used throughout the day and in different business context supporting the small business owner to stay in control and maintain balance.

Taryn Niesena - Shopify Design Lead
EyeEm - Production Management
Anna Wegelin - Photographer
Kathleen Alisch - Prop Stylist
Maya Lu - Wardrobe Stylist
Janina Zais - HMU
Laura Schuller - Model
Wesley Bediako - Model