N26 is the leading mobile bank in Europe. With over seven million users across 25 countries they are determined to "give people the power to live and bank their way".

During our tenure in the N26 Design Team, we worked over a number of projects that formed and shaped the brand. It was at a time of steady user growth, regular market expansions and constant launches of new products the company needed to evolve its identity to keep up with the growth of the company.


Art Direction
Brand Identity Development
Photography Direction
Packaging and Print
360 Campaigns


2017 - 2020

In 2018 we captured this evolution by refining the brand identity with a matured typography system, a wider, flexible set of colours, a new image & product language alongside technical refinements on the logo itself.

Alongside a larger, fantastic team of product designers, motion experts, art directors and user researchers we directed photo and video shoots for several membership tiers, took over cities with billboards and shaped the brand presence within the product itself.

The following images are a selection of the projects we significantly contributed to during our time at N26.


Christian Hertlein - Head of Design

Todd Wilson - Brand Design Lead

János Spindler - Brand Design

Maja Tisel - Brand Design

Taryn Niesena - Hardware Design

Greer Chapman - Brand Design

Guil Maueler - Motion Design

Roy Sturdy - Motion Design

Brendon O'Dwyer - Freelance Design

Julia De Meo - Illustration

Six n. Five - 3D Video

Haw-in Services - Photo and Video

Eye-Em - Production Management

Work produced while employed at N26.