Frankie Health offers a number of B2B products that were born out of the need to adress the growing and concerning fact that 1 out 4 employees struggle with mental health. Frankie's mission is to destigmatize mental health and build powerful tools that support the ones providing mental health care and the businesses that aim to build a positive culture of support around the topic.


Brand Positioning
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Frankie approached us in late 2020 to help them create a unique and thoughtful brand that can set it self apart in a market that is becoming more and more crowded.

Based around the idea of "personalised empowerment" Frankie's new brand communicates the uplifting and warm qualities you’d seek in somebody close to you when you’re in need for a conversation or advice.
The visual language is grounded in Frankie’s core values: Optimism, Empathy & Curiosity which translate into expressions that can range from quiet and thoughtful to joyful and motivational depending on where the brand appears and who it speaks to because every mental health journey unique.

Frankie’s brand is all about balance and simplicity therefore we created a serif word mark that strikes this balance between modern and familiar and accompanied it with a monogram that embraces simplicity while communicating growth and support.

The warm and earthy core colour palette is completed by a set of brighter more optimistic shades that where integrated into Frankie’s product.